The Society of Indian Neuroscience Nurses (SINN) is an organization dedicated towards development and promotion of neuroscience nursing in India. The members of this organization are neuro nurses with special and dedicated interest towards neurosciences with respect to management of patients suffering from various neurological disorders and also actively interested in academic activities related to neurosciences.

  • To promote high standard of nursing care in patients suffering from various neurological diseases and disorders in Indian settings.
  • To exchange views and disseminate knowledge in the field of neuroscience nursing across India.
  • To facilitate interaction among neuro nurses within and outside India.
  • To promote and encourage research in Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing.

  • The Society of Indian Neuroscience Nursing conducts annual conference (SINNCON) along with Neurological Society of India (NSI) Annual Meeting.
  • The academic activities in the meeting consists of oration, debates, scientific papers, E-posters and Neuroquiz.
  • The SINNCON provides an ideal opportunity for all neuro nurses to participate, debate and discuss various aspects of neurosciences related to nursing profession.